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Domain Law

A central challenge in the scope of the launch of new products or the founding of a company is the registration and trademark protection of domain names. Registered trademarks, however, can also be affected by the occupation of domain names by third parties. At BERNDT.IN the defence of trademark rights and the administration of domain names are carried out under one roof.

Domain Disputes

In order to take action against rights infringing domain name registrations by third parties, we develop an individual strategy for each case:

- For us, the emphasis is on an out of court settlement of domain disputes brought about through swift and efficient negotiations with the opposing party.

- If necessary, we assert the relevant trademark rights through court action against the respective domain owners, at home and abroad.

- Additional safeguarding measures are taken using the existing procedures at the registration bodies (e.g. dispute entry).

- Special arbitration proceedings for domain disputes before the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) offer an effective and cost-efficient alternative for settling domain disputes (UDRP proceedings, RDRP proceedings etc.).


Domain Administration

The registration and maintenance of domain names require numerous legal and technical factors to be observed. We offer the following services in the field of domain administration:

- We research available domain names

- We register second level domain names under all generic top level domains (gTLD) and national top level domains (ccTLD).

- We offer an “administrative contact service” for foreign domain owners who have no administrative contact in the Federal Republic of Germany.

- We update all registration details for the domain names we administer, according to the requirements of our clients.

- We offer web and e-mail forwarding services.


Conflict Monitoring

In order to continually check which domain names have been registered that represent a risk of confusion, we offer a service monitoring newly registered domain names. One can choose a monitoring of individual top level domains or a comprehensive worldwide monitoring.

Domain Name Contracts

We advise on purchase negotiations for domain names. In addition, we can offer our clients advice on the valuation of domain names.




Trademark Law


BERNDT.IN recommends conducting a trademark availability search prior to filing an application for trademarks to determine whether the proposed mark is available for the client’s use and registration.


We analyze the results and provides our clients with an availability opinion. If a mark is determined to be available, preparation and filing of an application for registration typically follows. We monitor and prepare responses, and upon registration, meets the necessary documents to the Trademark office.


BERNDT.IN works closely with our clients to develop trademark protection strategies, manage trademark portfolios, and maintain registrations. We report on the status of the client’s registered and pending marks before the various trademark offices throughout the world are regularly reviewed and periodically forwarded to the client.


BERNDT.IN has an extensive litigation practice for the enforcement and protection of trademark rights. We represent our clients in a full range of opposition and cancellation proceeding in the court.


Most importantly, BERNDT.IN also maintains close ties to a worldwide network of trademark law firms across INDIA, the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East to facilitate international registration for our clients.



About us

BERNDT.IN is a project of Berndt Legal - Attorney Rainer Berndt. He is situated in Essen and Erfurt, Germany.




BERNDT.IN is mandated by the signature domain project INDIARA in India.

The worldwide registered domains indiara., the INDIARA branding concept, the INDIARA design patent and the INDIARA trademarks are looking for an IT and marketing partner in India. BERNDT.IN accompanies this project.













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